Maximize your Mobile Technology

This webinar is designed for KWYP Members to maximize their mobile technology.  In this 6 week 1 Hour Webinar we will go over tips and tricks on using your mobile phone and tablets!  Best Apps for productivity, lead generation, Design & marketing, business tracking, video & photography, google apps, KW apps and more!  By the end of the course you will be more productive and can leverage your mobile devices to do more than ever before!

Webinar 1: Mobile Basics to Set You Up for Success – May 10th, 2017 3PM-4PM EST/2PM-3PM CST

– Email Signature – make your e-mail signature on the go the same as on the computer.  Your clients will always receive a professional email.

Notes App – Keep track of clients notes, passwords, and more in sync with your computer, phone and tablet

Reminders – Set up notifications before a due date or location based when you arrive or leave a location

Calendar – maximize these utilities to stay on top of your ONE thing and be more productive with your time.

Webinar 2: Productivity: How to be more productive with your phone – June 7th, 2017 3PM-4PM EST/2PM-3PM CST

– Maximize Google Suite of Tools – Using your @KW email address access the 30GB of online storage and a suite of tools to help you be more productive:

– Google Drive – instantly access all your files both on your computer and your mobile device for those times you need to grab a file quickly.

– Google Voice – Get a local number for capturing leads on marketing pieces and more

 Google Hangouts – Keep chats and conversations with your Google Voice number in one easy to reach location

– Scanner Pro – Learn how to convert any photo to a PDF quickly.  No more waiting to get to the office to scan in a contract or changes to a contract.  Snap a photo and add the PDF directly to your email, online storage or Dotloop.

– Dotloop App – Access your Loops and Files plus auto save e-mails with PDF’s directly to your clients Loops

Webinar 3: KW Apps: Best KW Apps and how to use them – July 6th, 2017 2PM-3PM EST/1PM-2PM CST

– KW Mobile Search App – Learn how to leverage your mobile App to Clients and new features like Notifications and Alerts

– KW Video App – Maximize your video library to YouTube with 6 FREE videos from KW video every month, plus the power of the paid version to build a huge video library

– ProfitDa$h – Learn about the most recent KW app that will track mileage automatically, allow you to mark business expenses quickly and more

– KW Maps – Watch Daily PowerUps with Dianna Kokoszka, learn new scripts and more!

Webinar 4: Design & Marketing: Quickly Design and Create powerful marketing materials – August 9th, 2017 3PM-4PM EST/2PM-3PM CST

– Canva App & Website: This amazing (FREE) website and program gives you Photoshop capabilities in an easy to use format with prebuilt design templates for social media graphic sizes and more!  Discover the power of creative visual marketing!

– OVER App: Another Design App that lets you create your own logos, graphics, brand photos, create unlimited number of promotions and saves projects all on the go!

– Photoshop Express App: Learn some amazing ways to enhance photos, remove unwanted items in photos, and brand photos quickly

– Snapseed (Google Advanced Photo App) – Learn how to take photos from your phone and enhance them to show professional quality and amazing effects.

Webinar 5: Photo & Video: Your mobile camera is POWERFUL, learn how to take and share professional images and videos – September 20th, 2017 3PM-4PM EST/2PM-3PM CST

– Photo Basics: Best ways to take photos with mobile device, panoramic mode for small spaces like half bathroom

 Photo Editing: Best Apps to edit photos and how to take your good photo to AMAZING in a few edits

– Photo Library: Build a Library of custom local images to use for marketing and listings and store them online

– Google Photos App: FREE Online storage of Images and in app simple editing of images and more

– Video Taking: Best Practices for taking video on Phone

Webinar 6: Video: Best ways to Create Video and content for Consumers – October 4th, 2017 3PM-4PM EST/2PM-3PM CST

– iMovie (iPhone) – Put together video clips and quickly add text and music to videos to upload to social media & YouTube

– YouTube Creator – How to take vides off your phone and get them to YouTube quickly

– Best Apps for Video Editing and Branding – Cover other apps that allow you to add logos and text quickly to videos before you share them

– Facebook LIVE: The power and new frontier of Live Videos when at a closing, open houses and more.  Learn best practices to taking video and what to do after to keep the content for clients